Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Transmission of the Flame

DIALOGUES BETWEEN JEAN KLEIN and his students and friends, during recent seminars in the United States and Europe, form the text of this illuminating book.

In many different settings and circumstances, Jean Klein casts and re-casts the teaching of Advaita, addressing each individual in his or her own uniqueness, while at the same time demonstrating the oneness of being. These far-reaching exchanges - exploring almost every aspect of self-knowledge - show that it is only through living fully in "not knowing" that we can awaken to our real nature: the "I AM" of pure consciousness.

In addition, Jean Klein discusses for the first time his early life, his meetings with his teacher in India, and the moment of his awakening. The result is an inspiring prologue that not only gives us an intimate look at this remarkable teacher and the discoveries he made in his search for truth, but also makes clear the immediate accessibility of these discoveries to every earnest seeker.

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