Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Art of Lucid Dreaming: A Manual. By Carolus M. den Blanken

The topic of this book, dreams during which you are aware  that you are dreaming, has within the scientific world  become known as ‘lucid dreams’. Although the phenomenon  now and then popped up, the research on it is from the past  years.  This has been the result of the fact that Dr.Keith Hearne from  the University of Liverpool and Dr.Stephen LaBerge from  Stanford University succeeded in providing the scientific  proof of the existence of the phenomenon.  Other reports provide sensational results. Practically  everybody has the capacity to learn to dream lucidly. But  motivation and discipline are most important conditions.

Lucid dreams offer the possibility to transform your fantasies  in dreamreality. Also lucid dreamers don’t run away from  menacing dreamfigures and situations, but start a dialogue.  By this method they gain insight in themselves, because a  lucid dreamer is able to interpret their dreamimages 'live'.  To induce physical healing-processes seems also to the  potentials of lucid dreaming. Those who practice in their lucid  dreams their sport, will notice the increase of performances  when doing it in daily life.

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