Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ater Votum: Daemonolatry Prayer

Prayers in this book were contributed by many Demonolaters and  Theistic Satan
ists. We would like to thank all who contributed to this  project. May you be blessed in Lucifer's name. Naamah. 

Please Note: Amen is used in prayers herein. Amen, meaning "So be it"  in Hebrew, has even earlier origins in prayer. In ancient Egypt Amen  was the hidden aspect (and highest power) of Amen Ra. To send the  prayer to the highest, most hidden aspect of deity, Amen was said at the  end of prayer. For Satanists and Daemonolaters, you may end your  prayer with Satan, Naamah, Lucifer, or simply Amen. It's really up to  you.

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