Thursday, January 27, 2011

Exploring Spellcraft: How to Create and Cast Effective SpellsBy Gerina Dunwich

Nearly anyone can learn the secrets to casting effective spells. Exploring Spellcraft shows you how by explaining in simple language what magick is and the way in which it works. You will also learn about magickal times and correspondences, candle magick, the magickal properties of herbs and gemstones, weatherworking, potion-brewing, love enchantment, and much more. Spells for nearly every purpose imaginable can be found within the pages of this illustrated guide to the magickal world of witchcraft. But if you don't find the spells you seek, or if you prefer to create your own spells from scratch, Exploring Spellcraft can show you how to design your own working rituals to suit your every need. In many cases, ordinary household items and herbs from the kitchen cupboard are the only magickal paraphernalia required.

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