Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Higher Psychical Development (yoga Philosophy) an Outline of the Secret Hindu Teachings By Hereward Carrington

The book contains many of the hidden, carefully guarded,  inner "secrets" of the Hindu Yogis.obtained  the result of several years actual experience and  experimenting on the part of the author,  as well aa embodying his extensive ,indeed exhaustive  examination of all published material.    One of the chief aims of the book, moreover,  is to link-up, or show the connections between,  these Yoga practices and our Western science,  philosophy and psychic investigations.    Much of this material has hitherto existed  only in Sanskrit, or has been passed on, by word of  mouth, from teacher to pupil.    The actual method for the development of these  powers is now explained, for the first time,  and in considerable detail — with practical  exercises suitable for the student.

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