Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to build a lucid dreaming mask

Lucid dreaming is a recognised phenomenon that is practiced by many  thousands of enthusiasts (or 'oneironauts') around the world today. 

Have you ever noticed the way a dream appears to run like a 'movie' of  which you are merely a viewer?  

Lucid Dreaming is the ability to become 'conscious' in the dream by taking  control of your actions and interacting with your surroundings.    

 In a Lucid dream you will have full control over your actions and behavior.  While in this state of 'Lucidity' you will be able to do anything, meet anyone  or go anywhere that you please.  

 The techniques that are required to develop the lucid dreaming ability can  often take many weeks to perfect, and as such many people strive to find a  short-cut to take them into the virtual reality dreamscape as regularly and  predictably as possible.      

The instructions outlined in this manual describe how to build an LED mask  for the purpose of inducing the lucid state while dreaming. The mask once  built can be connected via a parallel cable into a nearby PC or laptop, and  controlled through the Mind-Power software .

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