Friday, January 14, 2011

How to Know Higher Worlds: A Modern Path of Initiation By Rudolf Steiner

"How to Know Higher Worlds", Steiner undertakes the task of introducing the reader to the requirements of thought-life needed to percieve the higher processes of life and the cosmos. He provides a path of systematic development, for the faculties latent in each person, by which the development of a specific spiritual sensory organ may be cultivated. Once this is achieved, one is able to distinguish and move about with certainty in the subtle inner world of the human psyche, which is then shown to be interconnected to a vast realm of archetypal and spiritual forces which act upon the development of the cosmos. This book distinguishes itself as one of the definitive references on inner self-transformation, providing a path to a true self-knowledge, and expansion of one's empathetic relationship to the world.

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