Friday, January 7, 2011

How to Know People by their Hands by Josef Ranald

SOME time ago there was an eclipse of the sun. To study this phenomenon,  scientific expeditions began to gather their equipment  many months in advance. They knew what instruments would be  needed, where to go for their observations, and the exact moment  when the event would take place. This eclipse was foreseen even  before the birth of the scientists taking part in the expeditions.

Was this a case of clairvoyance penetration of the future by some  gifted seer whose word was accepted by modern scientists as sufficient  reason to send them voyaging thousands of miles? Not at  all. Test tubes and mathematical formulae breed men from Missouri  who want to be shown. They would certainly not have accepted the  word of inspiration on this subject any more than they would have  taken a mad Adventist's forecast of the world's end. Yet they, and  millions of others, accepted detailed predictions of the exact path  the obscuring shadow of the moon would take.

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