Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Introducing Confidence Beyond Belief by Steve G. Jones and Brad Yates

One of the most important qualities for creating the success you desire in any area of life is confidence. This program with Master hypnotist Steve G. Jones is a powerful coupling of tapping and hypnosis to help you cultivate a fantastic level of confidence.

You Will Discover:

The Power Of Now - Here you will learn how focusing on the present serves as your greatest form of leverage.

Your True Inner Confidence – The organic state of confidence resides within all of us, here you will locate yours.

How To Develop “Level 10” Confidence – The more confidence you have, the greater your chances for success.

Brad’s Powerful Techniques To Overcome Fear Of Failure – Here you will erase every ounce of negative belief that you will not achieve greatness.

Develop The Power Of Self Love - Learn to love, forgive, and accept yourself so that your confidence will be naturally self developing.

Self Rejuvenation - View yourself in a new and successful light with all your emotional baggage behind you once and for all.

The Failure Crutch System – Believe it or not, your past failures can serve as catalysts for future success.

Shatter Your Limiting Beliefs – Perhaps the most important step in achieving confidence is shattering your limiting beliefs.

The Confidence Trifecta - Discover the confidence in your mind, body, and spirit

Destroy Your Fear Of Change – If you’re not growing, you’re dying and all growth involves change. These techniques will help make change as comfortable as breathing

Genuine Confidence Mastery – Here you will learn to shape your confidence so that it radiates from your soul naturally.

Confidence Without Arrogance – Learn how to never cross the invisible thin line between confidence and arrogance.

Self Appreciation - Realize that no one can be a better you, than you.

and others...

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