Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Maya Creator Gods By Karen Bassie

The Classic Maya had a standardized set of creator gods, the evidence for which is embedded  in their calendar system. The Maya believed that each of the intervals within such units of time  as the day, the night, the solar year, the k’atun, the lunar cycle and the greater Venus cycle was  ruled by a different deity or set of deities. Their calendar system was not merely a method for  tracking the various celestial cycles, but a complex system used to ascertain which of the many  deities were ruling a particular moment. As Thompson (1950) and Kelley (1976) have demonstrated, the gods of the time periods were standardized across the Classic Maya realm and venerated.These calendar-related deities were worshipped for more than just their roles in divination;they also played a key part in creating, ordering and renewing the world and all the beings within it.

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