Friday, January 14, 2011

Neo-Tantrism ( TantriK SeX )

Firstly, Tantra we must credit the word, tantra, as  describing a diverse and rich East Indian tradition  that attempts to deal with the elements of manifest  creation in synchrony with their greater integrity and  as a means for spiritual integration and self  enrichment.

There are thus many avenues of tantra including  medicine, astrology, yantra yoga (visulaization of  sacred diagrams), mantra yoga, elaborate ceremonial  tantra, amulets, magic, etc.

Sexuality is also one avenue as well (and a  praticularly rich avenue to the yogi because it deals  with the union of opposites i.e., the male/female or  shiva/shakti energies.

There are many existing books and traditions (hindu,  Buddhist, and Taoist)on classical sexual tantra  utilizing either symbolic sexual imagery or actual  partnered sexual activities in order to explain and  resolve the energetics of polarity and duality and  thence to follow this phenomenum back to its Source in  the process of spiritual re-integration.

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