Friday, January 14, 2011

Neuroscience and Karma By Muni Mahendra Kumar, J.S. Zaveri

There is a timeless chasm existing between religion I philosophy and science. This has prevented each of them to be benefited by mutual interaction. The book is an humble attempt to bridge the chasm.

According to Jainism, one of the oldest living religions and philosophies, karma is a psychophysical force of cyclic nature, i.e., it is the fruition of the past karma, which causes bondage of new karma.

Neuroscience explains how we go about in pursuit of our particular aims in life, the Jain Doctrine of karma explains why we do so. Thus the book is an endeavour to synthesize the ancient wisdom and modern scientific approach.

Some of the topics discussed are: Language of the Brain; Needing and Nourishing; Sleeping and Dreaming; Knowing, Learning and Intelligence; Perceiving, Loving and Attachment; Control of Aggression.

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