Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Praxis Magica Fausti (Magical Elements): (Circa 1571 CE):

The Praxis Magica Fausti, or "Magical Elements" of Dr. John Faust, Practitioner of Medicine," claims to have been printed from the original MS held in the Municipal Library of Weimar, and is dated 1571. However this has been disproven.

There is an English manuscript at the Cleveland Public Library which compared with Latin and German version indicates a number errors and mistakes not only in the translation but also the source documents.

From a practical perspective, due to the inherent errors, the manuscript is only of value
The work is in the style of similar 1700 Century works on magic such as the Lesser Key of Solomon.

Essentially a work of the Black Arts, it gives details on the conjuration of Evil Spirits, who are commanded to do the petitioners bidding through Lucifer.

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