Tuesday, January 4, 2011

SaaLagrAma AarAdhanam

Bhagavan makes His presence in SaaLagraama Moorthams and makes His abode  in our homes for us to worship Him without major effort. SaaLagramam worship  is easy to perform.

His saannidhyam in SaaLagrama Silais and worship of Him in that form is an  ancient tradition for us. The identification of SaaLagrAma Moorthy is a  complex subject for Experts. There are many forms of the Lord associated  with individual SaaLagrAmams. There is a monograph (may be out of print) on  how to identify them and which one is not to be acquired for house hold Usually, Sri VaishNavite households have their SaaLagrAmams handed through  generations. At the time of Family celebrations, the elder blesses the next  generation with the present of a SaaLagrAmam. Lot of people today have  SaaLagrAmams in their poojA Grahams and do not know what Moortham they  have.

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