Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Satanic: Rituals, Magick, Sermons and the Kundalini Serpent. By: High Priest Vovim Baghie, Joy of Satan Ministries.

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Chapter 1 :- Satanic Magick and Rituals:
‐ The Grand Satanic Ritual
‐ The Amassing And The Release Of Energy
‐ True Structure Of The Gentile Soul: The Four Pillars
‐ Advanced Protection: Filtration Of Negative Energies
‐ The Invocation of Our Mighty Gods\Demons
‐ Satanic Alter: Dedicated to Father Satan and the Mighty Gods of Duat
‐ The “Trine” Affirmation Method
‐ Proper Use of the Ritual Prayer: The Instilling of the Five Satanic Elements
‐ Raising Death and Anguish From The Earth
‐ Creating Blood Runic Sigil's: Destruction and Death in Conjunction with Satanic
Ritual Energy Release

Chapter 2 :- Satanic Meditation:
‐ Azazels’ Heart Chakra Meditation
‐ Connecting With The Earth: Meditation On The Earths’ Energy And Pulse
‐ Pineal Gland Meditation: Empowering And Developing The Pineal Gland | The
Sun\Gold Chakra
‐ Meditation Enhancer's: The Inner Structure Of The Chakra
‐ Using The Enhancer’s
‐ True Trinity: Meditation Empowerment in Three’s
‐ Dramatically Increasing Your Vibration: Going Past The Speed Of Light
‐ Advanced Pineal Gland Empowerment: Using External Male And Female Fluids

Chapter 3 :- Satanic Sermons:
‐ The Road To The Truth
‐ Severing the Link: Regaining Control of your Thoughts and Emotions
‐ Fighting the Enemy: Dealing with the Different Attacks & Tactics
‐ The jews disgusting methods of Animal slaughter
‐ This Path We Walk: We Are All Connected
‐ A Quick Touch on the Subject of Race
‐ The Reasons for Beginning Struggles with Meditation & Magick
‐ My Almighty And Beloved Father Satan
‐ Astaroth-sama
‐ Azazel-sama
‐ Malphas-sama

Chapter 4 :- The Kundalini Serpent:
‐ Kundalini Awakening
‐ Charging & Connecting with Your Kundalini Serpent
‐ First Ascension of the Golden Dragon: The Initial Rising of my Kundalini Serpent
‐ A New Life In Satan: The True Rising Of My Kundalini Serpent, HIS Ascended
Golden Dragon

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