Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Science of Influence By Kevin Hogan


 1. Universal Principles of Influence in Business and Relationships
 2. The Omega Strategy
 3. Mastering Omega Strategies
 4. Framing Techniques and Strategies
 5. The Keys That Unlock the Doors to Their Mind
 6. The Laws of Influence: Applications
 7. Mastering the Laws of Influence
 8. The Guarded Secrets- Confusion, Amendment, The Dominant Value and Strategic Framing
 9. Mastering the First 30 Seconds / Making Incredible First Impressions
10. Proven Strategies and Techniques that Get to Yes!
11. metaphors and Emotions that Successfully Change Behavior
12. Utilizing the Brain's Perception and Projection to Change People


13: The Delta Mind Control Paradigm of Influence (Part 1)
14: The Delta Mind Control Paradigm of Influence (Part 2)
15: The Influential Secret of Oscillation
16: Credibility: The Pivot Point of Persuasion
17: Utilizing metaprograms for Persuasive Impact
18: How the Brain Buys Brand:YOU!
19: You can't Hear "Yes!" if You Can't Get and Keep Their Attention. How to Rapidly Build Brand You.
20: Mind Reading - How to Know What They are Thinking
21: Psychographics - Why Your Client Buys...and How to Know in Advance
22: Optimizing Persuasive Messages
23 & 24: 59 Persuasion Tactics That Gain Compliance.

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  Part   1                          |                    Part  2

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