Monday, January 24, 2011

The Sorcerer's Crossing : A Woman's Journey (Arkana S.)

The true story of a woman's initiation into a reality beyond the boundaries of the normal everyday world. — Some twenty years ago, anthropologist Carlos Castaneda electrified millions of readers by describing his initiation -- under the turelage of the Yapui Indian bruja Don Juan -- into an alternate reality. Now Taisha Abelar, who was taught by the female members of Don Juan's group, recounts her own "crossing" in this arresting book.
While traveling in Mexico, Abelar became involved with a group of sorcerers and began a regorous physical and mental training process designed to enable her to breach the limits of ordinary perception. THE SORCERERS' CROSSING details that process, giving us a highly practical sense of the responsibilities and perils that face a woman sorcerer. Abelar's enthralling story is invaluable as a virtual "sorcerers' manual," as anthropology, and as a provocative work of women's spirituality.

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