Sunday, January 30, 2011


Spiritual Masters and mystics exist in every religious and mystical tradition. They might look, dress and worship differently. They may come from different religious or cultural backgrounds or eras. But in every case their job is to guide their followers home, each taking humanity a little further on our evolutionary journey.

• What are the hallmarks of a Spiritual Master?
• How do we recognize the genuine article?
• What are the spiritual laws?
• What is the plan of love and light that Masters know and serve?
• How do we attain mastery?

Spiritual Mastery entails the capacity to improve things, generating ‘lift’, inner peace, personal power in whatever circumstances are presented to us. Mere knowledge or theory is only ‘mental dandruff’ until we develop the wisdom to actually embody it in our day to day existence. Heaven for the Master is not what comes later. It is here on Earth.

Shakti Durga’s third book covers many practical tools and life changing ideas that have helped thousands to find peace, purpose, inner power and prosperity.

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