Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sri Laxmi Narayanam Hrudayam

For a prapanna, the path to realization is based on the pramANams that are  based on the Srutis and the teachings of our sampradayic AchAryAs. These  mahAns spend their life for the ujjeevanam of the baddha janams and show  them the proper way to attain mOksha thru' the performance of prapatti to  Lord Sriman NArAyaNan. Though many other deities exist, none of them has  the power to grant the ultimate treasure (i.e) mOksham or grant the ultimate  boon (i.e) eternal service to the divya dampathis at Sri VaikunTham. Sriman  NArAyaNan alone is moksha dAyakan, the supreme lord of all others. In this  unique and distinguishing aspect of EmperumAn, His consort Sri MahAlakshmi  plays the central role of being the interceder on behalf of baddha jeevans for  attaining moksham. It is Sruti pramANam that to perform the yaj~nam of  baktha rakshaNam, EmperumAn needs thAyAr, His Divine Consort and cannot  do the yaj~nam all alone by Himself. SrI (thAyAr) and Sriya: pathi  (EmperumAn) are both involved in the process of aiding the jeevans in crossing  the turbulent samsAric ocean to Parama Padam.

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