Monday, January 17, 2011

The Underworld Initiation: A journey towards psychic transformation By R. J. Stewart

Stewart covers a lot of highly technical ground in this book, which is more a textbook than recreational reading for most people. He provides detailed explanations of the Underworld (and Otherworld) and the design of the realities you'll encounter there. He relates this to the Tree of Life (Qabalah), and several other spiritual contexts, so that you can "connect the dots" with your own and others' religious backgrounds.

Stewart's "Underworld Narrative" (guided meditation) in the back of the book is annotated with explanations and tips. They're fascinating. Reading them makes the journey far richer than simply using one of his excellent tapes.

He's opinionated and well-researched. Not everyone will agree with him, or even like him. But, the information that he shares in this book is tremendously important if you plan to explore Otherworld realities. If you're intrigued by the faerie realm, this book will save you years of frustration, trying to understand how to get there, how to remain there comfortably, understand what you're encountering, and how to get back.

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