Saturday, January 8, 2011

Waters Of Return: The Aeonic Flow Of Voodoo By Louis Martinié

Product Description
An introduction to a branch of Voudoun which I choose to call Aeonic Voudoo. A body of theory and practices that grew from a matrix of ritual work, conversation, and readings. Originally published in 1986 by Black Moon.

About the Author
Louis Martinié is an author, liturgist, percussionist, and an advocate for the uniqueness and importance of New Orleans style Voodoo in the spectrum of New World religious practices. Presently his work focuses on preserving the rituals, practices and documents of pre-Katrina New Orleans Voodoo. Before Hurricane Katrina, he taught special education and percussion (specializing in the Irish bodhran and the African djembe) for the Orleans Parish school system. He is an honorary member of the Louisiana State Legislature and is a Spiritual Doctor and Drummer/Priest/Elder of the New Orleans Voodoo Spiritual Temple, and a primary drummer for the rituals of Priestess Miriam Chamani. He drums with the Mambo Muslima, Cabal Tambour Dan-i, Krewe of Nutria, and for the ritual shows of the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, and has conducted ritual drumming workshops with Don DuFrane and Luis Manuel Nunez. He teaches and offers confirmation in an Order of Service to the loa that combines elements of New Orleans Voodoo with Tibetan Buddhism. Martinié is the editor for Black Moon Publishing, and is a founding member of the anarchistic grouping of ritual magickians known as Bate Cabal.

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