Thursday, February 17, 2011

Aghori Tantra - Mantra ( Hindi )

1. Aghor mantra is a very cool, peaceful mantra. It is not an  excitable or a hard mantra. It is of the Aghor nature; that is, very  simple.

2. An Aghor guru has charged the mantra with shakti. It has the  capacity of being beneficial to everybody. He gives it to the  disciple when the planets and constellations are in favorable  positions. Such a mantra is given for the benefit of all, but  receiving it depends upon the feeling, faith and attitude with which  it is accepted and practiced.

3. If you do not remain excited and impatient all the time, and  remain straight with yourself, that mantra remains self-charged. You  do not even need to charge it. Your success is indicated when you  remain straight with yourself.

4. The mantra given by the guru should be safely kept in secrecy.  Though you may recite it with your voice, it is most beneficial if  it is recited through the vibrations of your heart. It will then  provide great equanimity, protecting you and guiding you in all  things.

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