Tuesday, February 8, 2011

THE ALTERNATE SEX ( TantriK Sex ) OR The Female Intellect in Man, and the Masculine in Woman By CHARLES GODFREY LELAND,

That what has of late years occupied much  thought as the Subliminal Self, the Inner Me, the  Hidden Soul, Unconscious Cerebration, and the  like, may all be reduced to or fully explained by  the Alternate Sex in us.

That there is no line of demarcation between  the organic and inorganic world ; that, as shown  by Schron, there is life in crystals, and no step in  which mentality, though in lower forms, does not  manifest itself.  That Forces have developed themselves from a  primary force, and that there are some of which  we are as yet ignorant.

That the law of Growth is that of accretion, or  of attraction and repulsion, beginning with any  chance group of molecules, guided by certain forces,  as seen in advanced organisms.  That Sensivity is a Force developed at first by  polarization of atoms, increased by attraction  and repulsion, was influenced by katabolism  and anabolism, till Sensation (whose true being  must be found in the origin of motion), step by  step, advanced to Consciousness, and thence to  mentality.

That all effort to rise intellectually above ordinary  experience, or to what is generally known as  the -Supernatural, should be limited to Prayer to  God, and exertion and culture of our Will.  There are no proofs of the existence of God save  on purely material grounds, and from the conclusions  of Science, which all point to it. Yet  this proof can never be absolutely perfected,  because as Man advances in it he is ever raising  a higher ideal of Divinity unto himself.  The immortality of the soul depends on the same  conditions as the proof of the existence of God.

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