Friday, February 11, 2011

Cannabis and Meditation An Explorer's Guide

Simon Jackson's fascinating book is the first to simply and concisely detail a range of methods from the Eastern traditions that are indispensable to anyone wanting to navigate awareness in conjunction with any type of recreational drug.The only book ever written on the subject, Simon Jackson's work guides novices and experienced meditators alike into the realm of mental psychonautics - with and without drug assistance.
Contents include

* What to do on the way up (and what not to)
* How to avoid 'dope anxiety', 'white-outs' and paranoia
* Creating the best setting for your high (lighting, sound, etc.)
* Coping with a bad high
* Extending a good high
* Pressure points for natural highs
* Creating mental 'access states' to explore
* 'Free-forming' into altered states
* Recognising and avoiding the wrong kinds of meditation
* Depths of meditational awareness explained and explored
* Enlightenment and the nature of reality
* An extensive range of techniques to take your high to new heights

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