Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chakra Meditation By Hans de Back

Harmony and balance are the main expressions of this singing bowls gem: pure chakra sounds, with a clear explanation of each chakra.

Includes an informative booklet and a CD with tracks to bathe your energy centers in pure, healing sounds. The booklet has background information about the special healing qualities of the singing bowls, and how you can make use of these healing sounds to treat your chakras with delight.

Because the vibrations will reach out for your whole body it is best to take a 'sound bath' by sitting or lying down before or between your speakers, and letting the vibrations balance and charge your energy system.

Visualization of the chakra colors and humming along with the basic tones can add to this process. You will find easy-how-to-do-it instructions in the booklet.

Feel the sound-within!

Audio Cd  |   108 MB

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