Sunday, February 6, 2011

Controlling The Stress In Your Life By Richard Flint

How important is your health to you? Have you ever been so mentally tired you were physically wiped out? Have you ever felt so overwhelmed you didn’t know where to start? In this information packed program, Richard will guide you through some of the most important information you will ever be handed about living your life with stress as a positive and not a negative.

In this learning experience, you will:

* explore the 7 issues that make most people uptight;
* learn the difference between “Eustress” good stress and “Distress” bad stress;
* gain an understanding of the 4 types of distress;
* explore distress in the work, family, social and personal environments and learn how to handle each;
* learn the 7 things that controlling stress will always require;
* review your Four Room Stress House;
* walk through the process of unwinding the stress in each room.

Controlling The Stress In Your Life will offer you the insights and information necessary to stop the destructive journey of stress through your life. It will help you understand the presence of stress, the purpose of stress and give you the power to control and work with the stress that will be in your life. Richard promises this information will breathe a fresh breath of life into you and provide you with the insights necessary to live a calmer, healthier and more fulfilling life.

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Part   1              |           Part  2              |        Part    3

Part   4              |           Part  5              

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