Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Cult of Divine Power 'Sakti (Shakti) Sadhana' (Kundalini Yoga) Jadunath Sinha

"Saktaism believes in Siva-Sakti, Siva, Absolute, and Sakti, Divine Power-laying stress on the latte as the creator, preserver, destroyer of the world, and binder and liberator of the individual selves. Siva and Sakti are inseparable from each other, and an intregal unity. They are not two entities. Siva-Sakti is the Supreme Reality. Sakti is not a phenomenal appearance, but ontological reality. Sakti is spiritual energy, dormant in matter as coiled power, more awakened in life, more manifest in mind or consciousness, more potent in superconsciousness. Sakti pervades the world, and sustains all individual selves, atoms of divine consciousness, limited by their, adjuncts. The world is created, maintained and dissolved by Sakti, and is real to an individual self until it is liberated. It is unreal to a liberated self."

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