Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Food of Gods : Divine Nutrition by Jasmuheen

The Food of Gods book and its research and recommendations apply to anyone who  is hungry for love, or health and happiness, and/or peace and prosperity. I call this hunger  being at ‘Level 1’ in the Divine Nutrition Program. ‘Level 2’ is where we satisfy this hunger  and gain health and happiness and peace and prosperity. Level 2 is gaining and applying the  tools to get the nourishment we need to attract these things into our field. Then we have  ‘Level 3’ of the Divine Nutrition Program, which is where we refine ourselves even further  and learn how to be free from the need to take physical food and how to exist more freely on  the Violet Light spectrum of the Theta – Delta wave. Both are discussed in this book and  tools are provided to successfully achieve both paradigms.

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