Monday, February 21, 2011

The Great Book Of Spells by Pamela Ball

Used for thousands of years by people in all cultures to  enable them to change their lives for the better, spell  working still has much to offer, as this beautifully  presented book reveals. Practical and comprehensive,  The Great Book of Spells explains in clear, concise  language all aspects of this ancient craft.

The extensive Spells Compendium is divided into  easy-to-use sections and covers areas such  as health, love and relationships, and money.

Also included is guidance on:
* The principles of spell making – invocations, chants,  blessings and incantations
* Different types of spell working – from symbolic and  elemental to talismans, amulets and charms
* Ingredients and tools – candles, crystals, herbs  and plant resins, incense
* Preparation – dedicating and setting up a special place,  consecrating tools and objects, casting circles

Suitable for beginners as well as the more experienced  practitioner, The Great Book of Spells has the  potential to help you improve every area of your life.

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