Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Am Fearless! Erase Phobias by Alan B. Densky

"I Am Fearless!" NLP and Hypnosis Audio CDs
Agoraphobia & Phobia Hypnosis CDsThe truth is that no amount of conscious effort or willpower can eliminate a phobia or actual panic attack, because the root of the problem is at the unconscious level of mind.
That's why the techniques incorporated in the "I Am Fearless!" hypnosis and NLP program operates at the unconscious level of mind, to help the client completely and rapidly eliminate irrational fears and panic attacks.
In my NLP & Hypnosis for Phobias CDs, I combine several forms of Hypnosis with the most powerful NLP techniques that were developed specifically for the rapid cure of phobias.

Some of the techniques include:
* The NLP One Session Phobia Cure, which is known in the NLP community as the most effective treatment available for the rapid elimination of phobias.
* Flash Away Stress, which trains the unconscious to automatically eliminate disturbing thoughts and feelings of anxiety and stress. This has a powerful effect on how one feels in any given situation.
* Systematic Desensitization, which is perhaps the best known and one of the most effective psychological techniques ever used for the treatment of phobias.
And more!

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