Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Laya Yoga: The Definitive Guide to the Chakras and Evoking Kundalini By Shyam Sundar Goswami

Tantra - a spiritual tradition centered on the use of the body to find  enlightenment - has become extremely popular in the West, but at the  heart of Tantra is the little-known practice of Layayoga. Layayoga focuses  on the Tantric process of transforming the ordinary human body into a  divine body in which every cell is awakened with consciousness. The  fundamental aspect of Layayoga is the arousing of kundalini - dormant  energy within the body - through concentration and breath exercises,  and the movement of this energy through the chakras.

In Layayoga the adept learns not only to raise kundalini power from  the base of the spine up through each chakra to the crown of the head,  but also to then skillfully guide this power back to its home at the base  of the spine. In the process the body becomes suffused with consciousness  in a way not found in other types of Yoga. The result of the author's  lifetime of yogic experimentation and Sanskrit scholarship, Layayoga corrects  many misconceptions about the chakras and nadis. Complete with  meditations and mantras to accompany each chakra, it will allow serious  students of Yoga to realize a previously unimagined level of enlightenment  in which they are one with the supreme consciousness.

SHYAM SUNDAR GOSWAMI (1891-1978) was the founder of the Goswami  Institute of Yoga in Sweden, the first Indian institution of its kind in that  country. He was a disciple of the great yoga master Balak Bharati and also  wrote Hatha Yoga: An Advanced Method of Physical Education and Concentration.

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