Monday, February 7, 2011

Mantra: Sacred Words of Power by Thomas Ashley-Farrand

One of the West's leading authorities on mantras - the Vedic science of sound healing - offers the most thorough learning course on mantra practice available anywhere. The only English - language source that teaches how to intone dozens of mantras with perfect precision - a key to their effectiveness. Lean dozens of specific mantras to clear the mind, dispel fear, break unhealthy habits, enhance creativity, intensify meditation practice & much more --This text refers to the Audio Cassette edition.

01 - The Origins of Mantra.mp3
02 - Seed Mantras.mp3
03 - Karma and Mantra.mp3
04 - Narayana and Brahma Mantra.mp3
05 - The Avatar Mantras ~ Part 1.mp3
06 - The Avatar Mantras ~ Part 2.mp3
07 - The Feminine Principle in Mantras.mp3
08 - The Masculine Principle in Mantras.mp3
09 - Mantras and Health.mp3
10 - Mantra Attunements.mp3
11 - STibetan Buddhist Mantras.mp3
12 - The Gayatri Mantras.mp3

Mantra, Sacred Words of Power - Session List.pdf
Mantra, Sacred Words of Power - Study Guide.pdf

Audio CD in MP3+ PDF Guide | 102 MB

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