Friday, February 4, 2011


Merkabah means counter rotatory Light-Energy field. It is known that this energy field was an active  part of human beings 13,000 years ago and due to the dimensions phase out, conscience decreased  towards third dimension and the Merkabah conscience was lost. The memory of this field is activated  by drawing and meditating on the mandalas of Flower of Life, which include within themselves all  Universal knowledge that correlates with all knowledge co-integrated in the pineal gland, which is  within the brain. This process impels the pineal glandís ulterior purpose, which is to retake the ancient  way of breathing. The interconnection between breathing and conscience is the key towards a higher  conscience and to access other dimensions. This will propel the Christ Conscience evolution.  Merkabah is a natural field of protection.

In accordance with the teachings of Drunvalo Melchizedek The Merkabah meditation is one of the  most powerful tools for mental, emotional and spiritual development. The purpose of creating a  merkabah is to expand the different energy fields of the subtle bodies by activating the Merkabah field.  To be acquainted with the general aspects of the Sacred Geometry that act as a starting point for  activating the Merkabah field. The ascension process begins when you remember the Merkabah  energy field. This is an energy field that extends 55 feet around the body and is of a geometric and  crystalline nature.

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