Wednesday, February 2, 2011

NAOS: A Practical Guide to Modern Magick By Michael W Ford

NAOS - the sought after ONA grimoire of modern magick. Presents a powerful initiatory system for those interested in the works of the ORDER OF NINE ANGLES. Satanic Magick system.

NAOS - A Pratical Guide To Modern MagickIntroduction The purpose of the present work is to provide a self-contained and practical guide to esoteric magick based upon the Septenary tradition. This hitherto secret tradition (also known as hebdomadry) is here published for the first time. The present work is clearly written, without any mystification. Part One is a practical guide to becoming an Adept and is essentially ‘Internal magick’ – that is, magick used to bring about personal development (of consciousness and so on). Part Two is an equally practical guide to esoteric sorcery and magickal techniques and is ‘External magick’ – that is, the changing of events/circumstances/individuals and so on according to the desire of the sorcerer/sorceress. Internal magick is the following of the Occult path from Initiation to Adeptship and beyond, and in the Septenary tradition this path is known as the ‘seven-fold Way’. Part Three contains a selection of esoteric manuscripts circulated among members of the ONA: they present and explain further aspects of the Septenary system as well as other techniques, both directly magickal and more practical. They are published exactly as circulated. The techniques given in the present work enable any individual to follow the path to wisdom: to achieve that genuine, individual, freedom or liberation – and this freedom is ‘internal’: the emergence of the Adept, that is, the development of insight, both personal and ‘Occult’. Of all Occult traditions, the Septenary is perhaps the most practical and direct as a means of attaining this insight. Thorold West.

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