Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nox Umbra By Michael W. Ford

NOX UMBRA is a grimoire. Presented here in the pages of this tome are the hints from which one may come into the "knowledge of the circle". The culture specifications are undoubtedly varied, from Egyptian to Ancient Persian to European, however this is wherein one discovers the points or as in Voudon, 'Points chorals ' or hot spaces from which certain areas of textual transmissions develop and occur. Cain as the initiator stands in the cold areas of which many would not visit, wrapping in the cloak of night - it is here you may spark a fire, sit and listen carefully to his tale. This path is dangerous, it may prove ones menial downfall. However, it is not advocating Criminal or aggressive behaviour. Nox Umbra is a spiritual work, and should be viewed as such.

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