Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Order Of G.B.G. : Its Origins and Beginning

It is my conviction that the founder of the G.’.B.’.G.’. was the greatest and most efficient teacher  of this Century in that field of occultism known as Magick’. ( all members of the Order have  concurred in this) I make no statement as to the height if his Initiation; only that he was the  greatest and most efficient teacher, and upon this alone it seems sufficient to postulate that he  had a dispensation.  

Now, be it known that being the greatest teacher does not mean a great pedagogue, per se! The  head of this Order knew what to teach to get the best and most rapid results, how to teach it and  how to get the best response from the neophytes. All of this is included in this exposition of The  Complete Magick Curriculum of the Secret Order G.’.B.’.G.’.  It is a mistake to evaluate one’s personality against his ability.

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