Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Popular Practice of Yoga By K. V. Mulbagala

 A comprehensive text on the understanding and practice of yoga through the study of the nature of man as taught in the Vedas. Contents include The Seven Sheaths of the Body; Mind and its Functions; Direct Effort for Attainment; Preliminary Applied Meditation; How to Harmonize the Bodies; Development of the Brain; The Care of the Four Bodies; Further Obstacles to be Avoided; Eight Subdivision of Preliminary Yoga; God; Significance of OM; The significance of Soul; Primordial Matter; Creation; The Four Bodies and Attainment of Freedom; the Innate Powers of the Soul; Desirable Food for the Attainment of Yoga; Conduct for Transcendental Success; Pranayama or Regulation of Breath; Easy Yogic Postures and Exercises; Master Key over the Self; Mystery of Unique Meditation; Progress in Yoga; Final Emancipation.

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