Thursday, March 3, 2011

Encyclopedia of Astrology,1947 By Nicholas deVore

From Aaron's Rod (a caduceus) to Zodiacus Vitae (an Elizabethan schoolbook), this Encyclopedia has long been the classic among astrological reference works. Among thousands of entries are the complete terminologies for natal, mundane, electional & horary astrologies, as well as definitive articles on Arabian Parts, Aspects, Calendars, Cycles, Degrees, Dignities, Directions, Eclipses, Houses, Planets, Ptolemaic Astrology, Retrogrades, Ruling signs of major cities, Signs of the Zodiac, the Solar System & much more.

Of this book, the author wrote, "Astrology is not an organized movement, and its spread is not the result of any form of propaganda; hence in offering this Encyclopedia it can be said that the [original] publishers hold no brief for Astrology, but are moved only by a desire to supply an authoritative reference work...."

Complete, concise, informative, highly intelligent: Essential. This is a book you will use forever.

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