Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Homas And Yajnas

Every religion has its rites and rituals to help us one along the journey of life. We flutter like "the candle in the wind" during our stay on this earth until we reach the Lord's abode. Hinduism has a most beautiful set of FORTY SAMSKARAS for our spiritual welfare from the time of conception to the final moment at His LeelA vibuthi. These samskArAs form the core of a Hindu"s life.

These are rites performed to help the human being to purify their body and mind in "seen and unseen ways." The seen aspect is the creation of a shining new object by removing dirt and grime from a tarnished object with detergents. The unseen aspect, according to one AchAryA is that the SamskArAs are like the sanctification of the water by "charging" it with the Veda mantrAs for punyAvAchanam and Udaka sAnthi rites.

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