Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lords of the Left Hand Path By Stephen E Flowers

Stephen Flowers originally wrote this book between 1989 and ’92, ‘in large measure as a response to the irrational ‘Satanic scare’ of the late 1980’s’, and offered it to various publishers, who all rejected it. Apparently, its serious approach was judged ‘too disturbing’ for the masses. It is not hard to see why the mainstream had to reject this extraordinary book. To start with, his criteria for being considered a Lord of the Left Hand Path are Deification of the Self, and Antinomianism. In his own words:

"The first criterion will be seen to have four distinct elements:

Self-deification - attainment of an enlightened (or awakened), independently existing intellect and its relative immortality.

Individualism - the enlightened intellect is that of an individual, not a collective body.

Initiation - the enlightenment and strength of essence necessary for the desired state of evolution of self are attained by means of stages created by the will of the magician, not because he or she was ‘divine’ to begin with.

Magic - practitioners of the left-hand path see themselves as using their own wills in a rationally intuited system or spiritual technology designed to cause the universe around them to conform to their self-willed pattern.

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