Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Meditation and Visualisation by Medwyn Goodall

“This CD is part of a series call "Mind, Body and Soul". We have reviewed Goodall's independent works before, very favourably I might add. Since this music was specifically composed for this series, it is more focused on the meditative aspects of the listening experience than on the artist's compositional or playing skills. Having been through some (pretty extensive) therapy myself (long, long ago in another world), I can say that this would "meet the need".

You should remember that the compositions are introspective and enchanting. They should be used to enhance contemplation of life and the living. I give them a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, particularly for therapists (in any discipline) needing something that will relax a patient to the point where the inner beauty can be easily explored. GREAT music!”

“They say:
This delightful recording is a celebration of nature. Her magical beauty has been exquisitely and uniquely captured in two musical sequences (Part 1 tracks 1-9, Part 2 track 10) composed by Medwyn Goodall. The music of part one of this recording has been specially composed to take you on a beautiful visual musical journey to the paradise within, and both parts can be used for your pure listening enjoyment.

The visualisation itself is based on an ancient Hawaiian belief that life is made up of seven components which are essential to our existence and well being. These are Fire - and the Sun, Water, Air and Wind, Earth and Stone, Plants, Animals and Human Beings - or a loving touch. Each component was said to have its very own specific function and possess unique life giving and healing qualities, as well as symbolic meaning. It was this ancient belief (which still holds true today) and my deep connection with nature that inspired me to create this visual meditation for you. If you have been busy rushing around and your energy is depleted, give yourself the gift of time for unwinding, relaxing and healing.

During a visualisation meditation we use our imagination for the purpose of creating positive mental images of a perfect sanctuary or even a desired state or goal. By focussing our awareness on that imagined environment, goal or event and experiencing it with all our senses, we access that part of ourselves that assists us with the creation of what we desire. It is known that whatever we think about ourselves, our life or about others, affects us physically and emotionally. Supported by captivating music, the purpose of this recording is to help you to produce positive mental images or thoughts, which will calm, relax and energise you.

We say:
They don't really push the fact that Medwyn Goodall is the composer of this CD. By looking at the back cover you would think that Cornelia Glynn was the composer but she is the person who wrote the 8 page booklet that comes with this CD. This booklet is designed to support the use of this CD for meditation and visualisation. I believe her ideas in the booklet will get you started, but over time you will probably develop your own way of using your imagination while in tune with each element (eg. Water) from ancient Hawaiian belief.

This CD can be used for relaxation music, but I think it comes into its own when used as intended for visualisation. I say this because the music is so captivating and rolling, with so many different sounds. It seems to encourage you to imagine, which is probably what was intended by the artist! ”

1 The Awakening 04:07
2 Bringer of Light 04:15
3 The Water of Life 04:23
4 Dancing with the Wind 04:41
5 Earth Song 04:42
6 Heaven's Scent 04:28
7 Free Spirit 04:26
8 Eternal Love 04:26
9 Memories 04:21
10 The Journey 21:11

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