Sunday, March 20, 2011

Necronomicon Gnosis by Asenath Mason

This book is based on a very wide literary tradition of the Cthulhu Mythos and diverse aspects of the Lovecraftian magic. The author, who has explored the Necronomicon magic for many years, introduces the reader into this dark and mysterious world: the realm of the Great Old Ones where the forgotten gods lie dead but dreaming and await their return. The book presents basic magical concepts and techniques of their practical use in the context of the Necronomicon gnosis: pacts and ceremonies, astral journeys, dream magic, scrying and travelling through gateways to interstellar dimensions, evocations, invocations, sex magic, shapeshifting, necromancy, etc. These forces represent human potentiality what we may become if we manage to transgress beyond the world of creation which is the prison of our minds. Then we will be able to become like the Great Old Ones entities of unlimited potential, ever-changing and mutable, creatures of an infinite nature with possibilities as vast as the eternal Chaos itself.

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