Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Second Ring of Power By Carlos Castaneda

At the center of the book is a new and formidable figure, dona Soledad, a woman whose powers are turned against Castaneda in a struggle that almost consumes him. Dona Soledad has been taught by don Juan, transformed by his teachings from a bent and gray-haired old woman into a sensual, lithe, deeply sexual figure of awesome and mysterious power, a sorceress whose mission is to test Castaneda by a series of terrifying tricks. Castaneda's combat with her, his gradual realization that she not only derives her power from don Juan but is fulfilling his plans, is all a prelude to an astonishing discovery. Castaneda unfolds a sorcerer's party ,a small closed society in which the teachings of don Juan have become a way of life. 

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