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Aegishjalmur: The Book of Dragon Runes by Michael Kelly

A curriculum of runic study which uses the myth of Sigurd the Volsung to awaken the powers of the Northern Dragon within the psyche of the student. Uses the same highly effective and transfromative pattern of Draconian Initiation first developed in the author's previous book 'Apophis', here adapted exclusively to runic lore.

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Lammas: Celebrating the Fruits of the First Harvest By Anna Franklin and Paul Mason

This is an important book because it explains and defines an important subject oftentimes slighted or overlooked. At one time, the Celtic festival referred to as Lughnasa, was highly celebrated as the first harvest. It became known as Lammas.

Today, when crop production is taken for granted year-round, it is forgotten that in olden times the failure of the harvest meant starvation, and death. Early August was the time to celebrate the first harvest and work positive magick for prosperity and protection.

In this finely written book, the origins and customs are explained and compared to other festivals around the world. The book contains many excellent recipes for seasonal food, wine, and incense. Directions and explanations are given for performing spells, songs, games, rituals, and other topics. Details for creating traditional crafts such as totem shields are shared with the reader. For the curious, for the the novice Witch, or for the experienced Witch, this book will give much information of value.

Anna Franklin has been a practicing Pagan for thirty years and is a High Priestess. Paul Mason is an artist and photographer. They live in England. Together, they created the Sacred Circle Tarot.

This book is probably the best social history of Lammas written, and the spells and rituals are accurate. Entertaining reading from beginning to end, this book pleases as well as educates.

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Sacred Flames Reiki by Allison Dahlhaus

A program to heal others, near and far, as well as ourselves. Sacred Flames Reiki is a new system that combines aspects of color therapy, creative visualization, traditional Japanese Reiki, and candle work. Many Reiki professionals have had amazing results with the SFR techniques, reporting an increased awareness of the energy flow during healing sessions. This book is not just for Reiki professionals though. It is excellent for beginners, even those who have had no Reiki training whatsoever. Sacred Flames Reiki offers a wide doorway to understanding for the novice, as well as insight for the advanced practitioner.

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The Blessing of Favor: Experiencing God's Supernatural Influence by Kate McVeigh

God's blessing of favor flowing in your life is not based upon your background, talents, abilities, or anything you have earned. It's God's promise to every believer from His Word, and all you have to do is receive it!

In Blessing of Favor, anointed minister Kate McVeigh combines biblical truths with her own personal experiences to illustrate how God's favor dramatically changed her life and the lives of others. In this powerfully perceptive book, Kate reveals that meaning of God's supernatural favor and how to expect it to operate in every area of your life, including your relationships, job, school, finances, and ministry.

Realize the divine favor you have with God and man and how to put it to work in your life. Begin to meditate on the principles in this book, and you too will see yourself walking in The Blessing of Favor.

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Transpersonal Psychologies ed. by Charles Tart

Transpersonal psychologies is a compilation of various psychologies. Chapters are written by different authors all very knowledgeable about their disciplines. Topics include: zen buddhism, yoga psychology, gurdjieff, sufism, christian mystical traditions and western magic.

Introduction Charles T. Tart
1. Science, States of Consciousness, and Spiritual Experiences: The Need for State-Specific Sciences - Charles T. Tart
2. Some Assumptions of Orthodox, Western Psychology - Charles T. Tart
3. The Physical Universe, the Spiritual Universe, and the Paranormal - Charles T. Tart
4. Zen Buddhism - Claire Myers Owens
5. The Buddha on Meditation and States of Consciousness - Daniel Goleman
6. Yoga Psychology - Haridas Chaudhuri
7. Gurdjieff - Kathleen Riordan
8. The Arica Training - John C. Lilly and Joseph E. Hart
9. Contemporary Sufism - Robert E. Ornstein
10. Psychology and the Christian Mystical Tradition - William McNamara
11. Patterns of Western Magic - William G. Gray
References and Bibliography

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Apophis-A Practical Handbook of Draconian Left Hand Path Initiation by Michael Kelly

A practical handbook of Draconian Left-Hand Path Initiation. The Primordial Serpent lurks in the deepest, darkest roots of human consciousness. Each of its seven heads embodies a power which may be awakened within the psyche. 'Apophis' outlines the transformative process whereby the human Initiate becomes something much more than human. It provides the weapons necessary to win the war of consciousness against conformity. It openly teaches the means of immortalising the Self.

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The Idea of Evil by Peter Dews

This timely book by philosopher Peter Dews explores the idea of evil, one of the most problematic terms in the contemporary moral vocabulary.

Surveys the intellectual debate on the nature of evil over the past two hundred years    Engages with a broad range of discourses and thinkers, from Kant and the German Idealists, via Schopenhauer and Nietzsche, to Levinas and Adorno    Suggests that the concept of moral evil touches on a neuralgic point in western culture    Argues that, despite the widespread abuse and political manipulation of the term ‘evil’, we cannot do without it    

Concludes that if we use the concept of evil, we must acknowledge its religious dimension

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Charms and Charming in Europe by Jonathan Roper

Historical records of charms, the verbal element of vernacular magic, date back at least as far as the late middle ages, and charming has continued to be practiced until recently in most parts of Europe, yet the topic has received only scattered scholarly attention to date. This book aims to rectify this neglect, and by presenting discussions covering a variety of periods and of locations--from Finland to France, and from Hungary to England--it forms an essential reader on the topic.

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Waking the Trance Fixed by Patricia A. Helvenston

 This book includes an updated reprint of the popular Desperately Seeking Trance Plants: Testing the "Three Stages of Trance" Model, as well as a number of new challenges to the model often referred to as a Neuropsychological or Shamanic Model. Some of these papers have been included in other publications such as the Cambridge Archaeological Journal, and many, including a chapter documenting the misuse of several historical ethnographic sources by some North American TST proponents, have never been published before. Taken as a whole they provide a systematic and detailed refutation of the TST model with respect to its applicability to Palaeolithic Cave Art, as well as to the rock art of Native Americans of the far western United States, and the South African San.

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The Miracle of Self-discipline: The 'No-Excuses' Way to Getting Things Done by Tracy Brian

Learn how to practice higher levels of self-discipline and self-control in every area of your life.
Your ability to discipline yourself "to do what you should, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not" is the key to becoming a great person and living a great life.
In this powerful, practical program you will learn how to:
* Take complete control of your time and your life
* Discipline yourself to get going and keep going
* Overcome procrastination five different ways
* Focus on your most valuable activities
* Make yourself do your most important tasks immediately
* Master your appetites in all areas
* Practice delayed gratification for greater success
* Improve your self-esteem and self-image
* Develop courage and persistence in every area
* Release your "mental brakes" and unlock your potential
* Concentrate single-mindedly on your key goals
* Control and master your behaviors in every area
* Become more confident and self-reliant
* And much, much more.

When you develop the habits of self-discipline, you will accomplish more in a month than most people accomplish in a year.

Learn how to apply Self-Discipline to: Goal Setting; Time Management; Health Habits; Relationships; Sales; Business Operations; Physical Fitness; Personal Development; Negotiating; Communications; Character Development; and many other areas.

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Aarogya Mantra by Jagjit Singh

Aarogya Mantra by Jagjit Singh.

01. Aarogya Mantra
02. Aarogya Gayatri

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Uthark: Nightside of the Runes by Thomas Karlsson

This book is an introduction to runosophy, the wisdom of the runes, and to practical rune magic. The runes are dynamic symbols that characterise hidden forces. The outer shapes of the runes have changed through history, but the principles that they symbolise are today almost the same as during old Norse times. This book does not claim to include a historical description of runes or rune magic. The book offers an introduction to a rune magic that is constructed around practical work with the runes in the contemporary world. The ambition, however, has been that the runosophy in this book shall be deeply rooted in historical Nordic magic.

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Odin’s Way in the Modern World by Wayland Skallagrimsson

Odin is a god of many things. I mean that in the sense that he presides over them, or is the cause, or effector of them. Chief amongst them, perhaps, is death. Odin is the psychopomp, the ferryman who conducts souls from the land of the living to the land of the dead. He is the one who hands out death. As such he is the one who apportions victory in battle, as the one who controls death also controls the victory. From this he is also god of battle itself, and we see this function in the war-strategies he gifts certain of his chosen humans with, as well as in the berserkergang, the internal-style martial art his devotees fought with. He is god of poetry, and is the apportioner of inspiration. He is god of wine (and probably many if not all mind-altering substances). He is the god of seidh-craft (a vaguely shamanic sort of practice; however, NOT identifiable with shamanism). He is god of sex, in that where Thor boasts of jotuns slain, Odin boasts of women slept with. (This is sex for its own sake, rather than having to do with relationships.) These last two things also come together in a third way. Seidh practice may have involved various trans-gendered practices, such as cross-dressing or passive homosexuality. (This is not a certain thing. There are arguments both ways about it. But male seidh practitioners were often referred to as seidhberendur, and berendur was a coarse term in Old Norse for female genitalia, and was used to refer to homosexual men, amongst other things.) Thus Odin can also be seen as god of various transgendering practices.

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Magickal mushroom handbook by Richard Alan Miller

This compact book is actually the most complete work ever published on hallucinogenic mushrooms. Compressed into its hip-pocket size are four pages of color photographs, ten accurate drawings, and information on every known hallucinogenic mushroom. The mushrooms covered in this book are:
10 mushrooms of the Psilocybe species, generally small in size but containing more than adequate amounts of psilocybin.
5 Panaeolus mushrooms, larger in size and usually found in dung in cow pastures.
2 other psilocybin containing mushrooms and the Amanita muscaria.
Each mushroom is described as to the size and color of its cap, gills, stem, flesh, habitat, season and spore print.

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Face-mounted Lucid Dreaming Mask And How to make Guide.

lucid dreaming is a phenomenon whereby a person who is asleep and dreaming realizes that he (or she) is dreaming, and continues to control the dream, acting out fantasies or gaining special powers all within the dream.

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School of Lucid Dreaming : A Practical Guidebook by Michael Raduga

The practice of phase states of the mind is the hottest and most promising pursuit of the modern age. Unlike in the past, the notions of “lucid dreaming” and “astral projection” have already lost their mystical halo, and their real basis has been studied in minute detail from the most non-nonsense approach. Now, this phenomenon is accessible to everyone, regardless of their worldview. It is now known how to easily master it and apply it effectively. This textbook gives each and every person something that previously could only be dreamt about - a parallel reality and the possibility of existing in two worlds. This book is for pragmatic people who are not used to taking anything on faith or reading about empty theories. The book only deals with what works in practice, and nothing else.

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Becoming Your Own Therapist & Make Your Mind an Ocean by Lama Thubten Yeshe

This expanded edition contains both of the very popular Lama Yeshe booklets, Becoming Your Own Therapist and Make Your Mind an Ocean.

Becoming Your Own Therapist
First published in 1998, this booklet contains three public talks by Lama Yeshe on the general topic of Buddhism. Each lecture is followed by a question and answer session. Lama and his audiences always enjoyed the give and take of these lively exchanges, and pretty much anything went. Although these talks were called lectures, Lama would have each of us use them as a mirror for our minds and look beyond the words, find ourselves, and become our own psychologist.

Make Your Mind an Ocean
The talks in this booklet are on the general topic of the mind. Two were lunchtime lectures at Melbourne and Latrobe Universities. One was an evening lecture given to the general public. Perhaps of greatest interest is the lecture entitled "A Buddhist Approach to Mental Illness." Lama presented this talk to a group of psychiatrists at Prince Henry's Hospital who were delighted to meet and question Lama, and this historic exchange underscores the difference between Western and Buddhist concepts of mental health.

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Chants for Critical Illness

-= Tracklist =-

01. Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
02. Mritsanjeevan Kavacham
03. Shiv Raksha Stotra
04. Hanuman Bahuk

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Vidya Prapti Mantra - Suresh Wadekar

Vidya Prapti mantra of Maa Sarawati by Suresh Wadekar.

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Biology of Kundalini Exploring the Fire of Life by Jana Dixon

KUNDALINI - (Sanskrit kund, “to burn”; kunda, “to coil or to spiral”) socalled because it is believed to lie like a serpent in the root chakra at the base of the spine. Kundalini is a psycho-spiritual energy, the energy of the consciousness; a concentrated field of intelligent, cosmic, invisible energy, intrinsic and vital to life. Reputedly beginning in the base of the spine when a man or woman begins to evolve as wisdom/Presence is earned through spiritual surrender. Kundalini has been described as liquid fire and liquid light and is an aspect of Shakti, the divine female energy and consort of Shiva. The ultimate outcome of kundalini is the union of Will (shakti-kundalini), Knowledge (prana-kundalini) and Action (para-kundalini). The inner fire is the most potent of all forces, for it knows no limits and penetrates the fabric of space, matter and time.

The aim of this book is to suggest a preliminary protocol to support the fire of kundalini, allowing for permanent gains in transformation. To do this we must prevent ego blowback and prevent neurodegeneration, thereby reducing the biological depression that often happens after an awakening. As the science of kundalini progresses such a protocol for adaptation or higher homeostasis will be greatly refined and expanded. Till then, please be aware dear reader that this is an experimental book. The medical research that will give us the definitive answers to the secrets of metamorphosis has yet to be done. In the past we have had no scientific understanding as to what was actually happening during kundalini and so the alchemy of spirit was shrouded in mystery and superstition. Now in with modern science we can begin to understand what is really going on, and thus build an alchemical science like never before. There is an urgent need to understand the evolutionary process of transmutation, for our human survival might indeed necessitate it.

The Biology of Kundalini will hopefully change the way we look at spiritual evolution, medicine and ourselves. With this book I offer a theory of the biology of kundalini, which explains many of the symptoms, suggests a protocol of adaptation, and encourages research into a new branch of medicine...”Evolutionary Medicine.” It is part self-help book and part notes for students, scientists and medical minds with an interest in the alchemy of consciousness. It also honors the often difficult process of spiritual crisis in a way that hopefully will reduce the suffering for those undergoing the Great Transformation, and for those around them watching the miracle. This information will be invaluable for anyone going through an awakening, for their family and for therapists both medical and psychological............Author

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Ecstasies: Deciphering the Witches' Sabbath by Carlo Ginzburg

Weaving early accounts of witchcraft—trial records, ecclesiastical tracts, folklore, and popular iconography—into new and startling patterns, Carlo Ginzburg presents in Ecstasies compelling evidence of a hidden shamanistic culture that flourished across Europe and in England for thousands of years.

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PanParadox: Pan Towards Chaos

Pan, the untamed beast in demon-shape, which strolls restless around our woods and mountains, or rather, coils, levitating through our filthy cosmic galaxies, as a burning dragon, laughing relentlessly at the creation of cosmos.

Pan is the one who ignites the torch of Lucifer, which brings forth the black flame. Pan is the one who creeps up behind, sprinkling gasoline on ones back and flicks sparkling matches at you. Not because for the fact that he hates you, but just to get one's attention… to get you to wake up and for once, take your existence or subsistence seriously. When you have succeeded with that, then your work as a magician can start – a magician who imposes masterwork in black Chaos magic. For this is what black Chaos magic essentially is all about, to feed ones inner, develop and to transcendent into Chaos. Whether Chaos exists in ones mind, or beyond cosmos is irrelevant at this moment, what is important is ones awareness as a Chaotic individual, a human in black magical possession.

Anti-cosmic, Chaos-gnostic and Satanic philosophy and mysticism around the misrepresented contemptuous god and black magical Chaos-philosophy. Includes Satanic illustrations and rituals.

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Trident Books – The Grimoire of Pope Honorius III

This edition is as complete as is possible, and includes the sigils and illustrations known to be associated with this work. The Grimoire of Pope Honorius III has been diligently translated by Ms. Kim Ch’ien from the Old German. This edition also includes an exhaustive bibliographic prolegomenon by Mr. John Davis. Appended to the work is a translation of the 15th century Ecclesiatic work, "Coniurationes Demonum", translated from the Latin by Mr. Matthew Sullivan.

This is the Grimoire of Pope Honorius III; an extremely rare grimoire of the Middle Ages. The author is Pope Honorius, the famous papal sorcerer of the Middle Ages. It is filled with rare and ancient information (spells, summonings) never seen prior to this translation. A true collector’s piece. Worthy of any student or just those interested in the subject.

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A Course in Time Travel

What if Time Travel is a Universal process of unfoldment that is taking place even now, all around us, without our knowledge? Wouldn't its presence be easily recognized by the necessarily profound metamorphic resultant changes in our neighbors? Or are we blind to these super-human visitors due to (protective?) limitations in our threedimensional awareness? Are there human beings in our midst as advanced to us as we are to the ape?

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Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge

What if right now, reading these words, you suddenly realized that you were actually dreaming¿and that in this domain you could do anything imaginable? That is what it¿s like to dream lucidly, teaches Stephen LaBerge. With Lucid Dreaming, the author of Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming (more than 120,000 copies in print; Ballantine, 1991) teaches his simple, tested methods for becoming fully conscious in the dream state. With techniques perfected during LaBerge¿s 20 years of pioneering research at Stanford University, now anyone can learn to consciously explore and use their dreams for self-discovery, creativity, fantasy fulfillment, emotional healing, and profound spiritual insight. Available for the first time in paperback, this complete mini-course shows you:¿ The fastest and most effective program to awaken in the dream state¿ How to ¿re-dream¿ your nightmares to resolve hidden fears¿ Ways to use dreamwork for emotional healing¿ How to use the lucid dream state to more fully awaken in your daytime hoursFeatures a CD complete with dream induction sessions, exercises, and more.

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