Wednesday, April 6, 2011


It is meant to open up, to awaken the inner Being that is closed up, asleep, to become aware of the powers and possibilities of the Real Self, so that you are no longer the little personality with a limited life, but a centre of Universal action and in direct contact with Cosmic Forces. Then you will no longer be the unwilling plaything of fate but a concious Master of Nature, liberated from the imprisoned smallness and sufferings of the gross human body.

It will take you beyond every mental idealistic culture of ideas and ideals belonging to the mind, which are only half-truths.

It shows you how to bring the supramental power of the Divine Conciousness into the ignorant mind, transforming the mind and body, thereby creating a Divine Life in matter.

To the critic I would say, do not criticise anything you know nothing about. If your beliefs prevent you from accepting what I say, you will know why by reading this book with an open mind.

To the dogmatist, this book can only help you when you understand what dogma is and how you have acquired it.

To the reviewer, do no review this book if you do not understand youself - otherwise it will expose your lack of wisdom.........Author

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