Thursday, April 14, 2011

Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order by Dr MichaelSharp

Finally, here is the Truth in a form that everyone can understand. Michael Sharp has done a spectacular job of presenting the deep spiritual truths of creation and of this planet in an accessible, direct, and no-nonsense format. In The Book of Life learn all you need to know in order to understand and navigate the dramatic global changes now unfolding. Everything from the energetic nature of the universe through karma, prophecy, the Annunaki, the failed ascension attempts of Atlantis/Lemuria and our current (and successful!) ascension work is laid out in appealing fashion. Once you pick it up, you cannot put it down. The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order is the definitive guide to the new age and the end-times unfolding.

From the Publisher
The Book of Life is one of those books that comes along only once in a very long while. The Book of Life captures the spirit of the age, puts everything into a broad perspective, and presents the spiritual truths of this planet in a big picture package that radiates the nature of our times.

Perhaps what is most endearing about this book is that it is easy to pick up and impossible to put down. There’s allot in the book that you already know but it is no boring rehash of new age or neo-christian spirituality. The Book of Life takes all the key spiritual truths (most of which you’ll know but a few which will be new) and weaves them into a magical tapestry of enlightenment that leaves you almost breathless with excitement at finally remembering what it is all about and who you really are.

Perhaps what is the most exciting aspect about this book is the magnificent way in which it frees the reader from all those odd ideas that have helped create the spiritual, social, and political bondage of this planet. With only a little bit of work, the reader is literally transported to a new world free of all the bindings that have kept them in darkness and ignorance of their true spiritual power and magnificence.

Perhaps what is the greatest aspect of this book is that despite the fact that it is an offer to be finally and forevermore delivered from illusion, it asks nothing in return. No worship, no deference, and no sacrifice. The Book of Life brings simple freedom and all that that entails – freedom from karma, freedom from illusion, and even freedom from our slavery – straight home to your kitchen table.

Perhaps what is the most profound aspect of this book is that it accomplishes its task in less than 200 pages of clean and uplifting energy. No horrendously complex spiritual mazes. No threats of damnation. No guilt based morality. No fanfare of angels. No blazing descent from the skies! Just 200 pages of truths and understandings that you will, by the end of the book, realize you knew all along. When was that last time we had that kind of clarity on this world?

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