Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Discovering And Living Your Souls Purpose by Deborah Skye King

This book has the potential to change your life forever. The simple tools that are available to you and presented in a hands on format allows you to reach your highest potential. Given over a course of eight weeks, this manual for living is a key to your future. Having spent over thirteen years traveling the globe and working with women and men going through transformations, Deborah Skye is an expert in the field of Soul Coaching. She shares her knowledge here for the first time enabling you to take charge of your own transformations.

Tools and Techniques that will empower you such as:
*Living a life of purpose
*Creating a life of dedication *Understanding your commitment
*Surrendering to the path of solutions *Respect and honor
*Living in purpose *Understanding your worth *Creating time lines

Fulfilling your Soul's Purpose will bring to you a peace of mind showing you that you are worthy of self-love, respect and honor. Creating a platform of love, trust, respect and dignity is the foundation for a human being's development in the world.

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