Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Healing With The Masters The Magic of Matrix Energetics by Richard Bartlett

Richard shared that he doesn’t really see the real world as being real at all; rather, he sees it as virtual world which is based upon our perceptions of our unconscious mind. We live in a grid of consciousness, and it is our choices that give us the ability to plug into a different channel. A different data stream. We have the choice, at any given moment, to decide what we want to see, and what we see is simply our interpretations based on patterns (personal, societal, cultural beliefs, etc.).

If we want to change something in our lives, Richard told us that we can’t focus our intent on a decided pattern. What he means is if we’re focused on the lack of money in our bank accounts then we cannot create from this place of lack. Once we fully acknowledge that we are a matrix of light and information then we move away from having to change or fix what we may perceive as being wrong, or in need of fixing. But from an altered state, we have the ability to get in resonance with the information we want to access which, ultimately, allows us to create “the life we really want”.

Creating from our hearts is what keeps our imaginations active. We then no longer take things so seriously, instead, we do those things that make us feel good.

Be a law unto your true self.

We are all a mass of potential energy which is why our realities fluctuate all the time. When we’re in the field, we drop the distinction between ourselves and other objects. And when we’re not in the field, we judge what we’re perceiving which then collapses and becomes our experience.

Tapping into the field is really very easy, and it doesn’t take much effort to do. It’s all magic, but the key to perceiving it as such is for us to get to a place where we know that magic is real. The true alchemist merges mind and heart with the totality of the zero point field of possibility. The more we let go, the more things change.

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