Friday, April 15, 2011

Mantra - Margot Reisinger with Existence

Nine contemporary world music compositions based on ancient Mantras from all over the World.
Discover with Margot Reisinger and her multi cultural project "Existence" a new and powerful interpretation of chant and prayer. Singers and musicians from Nepal, Algeria, Tibet, Poland, Morocco and Portugal have contributed their cultural background to Margot Reisinger's own style of spiritual world music.

Margot has composed nine unique songs on the base of traditional as well as newly arranged mantra texts, interpreted by beautiful vocals and accompanied by choirs, violin, ney, flutes, guitars, piano, sitar, Tibetan horns and cymbals, keyboards, singing bowls, percussion, monochord, drums and more..

Mantras are truly a source of divine energy. Timeless sacred words and tunes that change the climate of the mind and help to move inwards to the source of love and healing...

01. Jai Ramakrishna
02. Om Mani Padme Hum
03. Sancta Maria
04. Sri Ananda Ma
05. Allah Hay
06. Gayatri Mantra
07. Jesu Domine
08. Shiva Shankara
09. Shalom

Audio CD    |    450 MB

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Part 1           |          Part    2           |          Part   3

Part 4           |          Part    5               

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