Monday, April 11, 2011

Mantra Yoga : Experience Inner Peace and Awaken Creative Potential through Silent Sound Vibrations by Immaneni Ashok

Mantras are powerful sounds that can alter one’s life experience. Mantras are being used in the native cultures all around the world since thousands of years.

Most people who practice mantras either do mental repetition or chant aloud, focusing on the audible sound. While these two methods promote relaxation, they do not awaken the creative potential.

The secret of harnessing the power of mantras is the creation of silent sounds by vibrating specific bones inside the body. These sounds have the power to stimulate specific portions of the frontal cortex, thereby, awakening the creative potential.

In this book, I give the scientific basis for the mantras and describe the techniques for producing the powerful silent sounds using bIja aksharas (seed syllables).

Through the practice of these techniques, you can invoke gods and goddesses within you and become a living temple. This is Mantra Yoga - the process of experiencing the true nature of self (bliss and enormous creative power). Mantra Yoga connects Hindu religion, Vedic science and spirituality. The sound vibration has the power to take you from the experience of forms (duality) to the experience of formless (oneness).

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